Porcelain Bead

Bead came about as a counterpoint to a lot of product in the marketplace that is over designed and tricky to use. Bead is very proudly a work horse range that extols the many central strengths of a Steelite product: durability, strength, heat retention, ease of use, longevity and authenticity coupled with innate style, design excellence, versatility and with a nod to Social Media.

"We looked to the past to redefine the future. Bead takes its inspiration from the elegance of eighteenth century silver and pewterware. The classic fine proportions, attention to detail and supreme craftsmanship combine to provide the very best platform for versatile menu presentation." Andrew Klimecki, VP of design, Steelite International

Bead consists of two elements Bead and Bead Accents which are complement and contrast with each other, providing synergetic relationship that is both eclectic  and classic, much like the menus from today’s best Chefs.