Professional kitchen and bar equipment in the service of your restaurant

Union Drvo offers you professional kitchen equipment from renowned world brands, the best in its industry. The inviolable Spanish oven Mibrasa has become an indispensable member of every demanding kitchen with a larger capacity. Thermo equipment from the Italian manufacturers Tecnoinox, Moretti Forni, Marana Forni, Unox, German Rational and Czech Retigo efficiently meet all the requirements of a professional kitchen. Refrigeration equipment comes from world brands FreeStar, Ilsa, Forcar, Liebherr. The chamber for maturing meat Dry Ager as a showcase with a glass door is often a part of the interior of modern restaurants. Pastry equipment traditionally and with a guarantee of success in conquering gourmands comes from the Italian manufacturer Bravo and the Slovak Gelita. Classeq and Winterhalter professional dishwashing equipment will satisfy all the needs of a busy kitchen and bar. And finally, small kitchen and bar appliances, the latest technologies that facilitate and accelerate production processes, world brands Ceado, Fimar, Forcar, Imperia & Monferrina, Orved.


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Mibrasa dyas

Mibrasa dyas held in our Demo kitchen

Modern cooking implies spanish Mibrasa, closed charcoal barbeque grill. In front of You are recipes of great chefs from Mibrasa dyas held in our Demo kitchen.
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Dry Ager chamber for aging meat

Precisely combination of design, engineering and craftmanship in chamber for meat aging Dry Ager
Chamber for aging meat

Small appliances for the kitchen and bar

Ifi showcases for displaying and storing craft ice cream and cakes represent prestige in terms of design and quality. The main goal of each product is a high level of service quality in catering facilities, while respecting high hygienic and functional requirements.
Small appliances for the kitchen and bar


A few clicks awai to review and buy small appliances for your kitchen and bar. In the online shop it is possible to buy strainers, choppers, mixers -  quickly, easily and with delivery to the address of your facility.


Equipping of catering facilities

The equipping of catering facilities is a comprehensive, dynamic and demanding job, and these are the characteristics that make company Union Drvo stand out. The equipping is approached in our company in a special way, with the ideas and creativity of the project team, great involvement of project managers, and great freedom of choice by investors. When it is about furniture, according to the project, investors can choose custom made & tailor made pieces of furniture, define dimensions and finishes - type and color of wood, type and color of materials, as well as decorative stiches. The equipping of professional kitchens we do according to project and all HoReCa standards. The equipping of Your object with table ware we do professionally and analitically in selection process we participate together with Your management staff in kitchen and restaurant, and we make unique offer everything according to Your needs. The interior and tableware is Your guest's first encounter with Your idea of ​​catering, allow yourself the imagination, and allow Union Drvo professionals to make the interior and equipment of your venue breathtaking and make the guest's stay comfortable and comfortable.

Your partner Union Drvo

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